• last-minute-holidays

    It’s never too late for a break

    Dreaming of a much needed holiday but worried about the cost? Do you need to book a holiday at short notice? Don’t despair – a holiday is still possible! Take a look at the last minute holidays available from The Co-Operative Travel and be surprised by the sheer choice available. Finding your perfect last minute […]

  • laptop

    “There’s So Much to Choose” —How to Find the Right Computer

    So you’re looking for a newcomputer and you’ve decided to buy a laptop. Just go online and pick one out. Uh-uh, it’s not quite as simple as that. There are so many technical aspects to consider, but the first place you should start is with your own intentions. How do you plan to use your […]

  • breaking-language-barriers

    Top Apps To Help With Language Barriers

    Language binds us together yet it also divides us. It is the common thread adopted by entire societies, allowing effortless communication and understanding. While we can often rely on body language, finding yourself in a scenario where you cannoteffectively communicate is absolutely and positively maddening. Not being able to find a bathroom or ask the […]

  • glasgow-film-festival

    The finest film festivals around the globe

    Film festivals, film festivals, film festivals – love is too small a word for how some people feel about film festivals. That hurried rush from screen to screen to see the latest and greatest flicks; the triumph at seeing your favourite director create another barnstorming masterpiece; meeting your favourite film stars on the red carpet. […]

  • Five Easy Tourist Experiences When In London On Business

    When mentioning the word London, many words come to mind. Once cold, wet, miserable, bad food, tea, fish, chips and Geordie Shore are out of the way, we are usually left with vibrant, multicultural and hip. It’s the leading destination for fashion, finance politics and trade and to this day remains as one of the […]

Overglued – Extraordinary Travel

Are you Overglued? Overworked? Underplayed?

Get up and travel. It's not hard. It doesn't have to cost a whole pay check. Get out and enjoy life. We want to help you find unique fun things to do - most of them completely free or extremely cheap.

Travel doesn't have to break the bank and it doesn't have to take weeks or be exotic. It's all about de-stressing and relaxing. Overglued? Time to unwind. We'll Help.

Brazil Prepares for World Cup Tourism

Many Brazilians feel that hosting the World Cup being hosted in the summer of 2014 is an opportunity to show the world that Brazil is the spiritual home of football. However, many are also relishing the chance to showcase the country to tourists. Brazil’s government has invested huge amounts to welcome visitors and although there […]

Less Visited Bhutan Where Beauty Is Kept Under Wraps Of Simplicity

Less Visited Bhutan: Where Beauty Is Kept Under Wraps Of Simplicity

In the Himalayan ranges lies the beautiful and small country of Bhutan which is surrounded by India and China. The country doesn’t come on your lips as the first choice for touring because the mesmerizing beauty this landscape beholds is surpassed by the simple people and calm culture. The less influx of visitors due to […]

Traveling With A Baby A How To Guide

Traveling With A Baby: A How To Guide

Since ages man has been traveling and exploring earth, in fact beyond the earth. Traveling helps to relieve stress and enables one to refresh for the next period of life. Generally it is easier to travel with a baby, because babies feels comfortable and sleeps for a good amount of time. But it is important […]